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Can I export data in XLSX format, as I'm not a MAC user and CSV format is causing some problems in my data analysis. 

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CSV files downloaded from Tickertape can be opened in any Excel software including Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets.

Please write to us at if you face any issue with the downloaded files.


I downloaded a cover file from your system, but j am not bale to see it in your app where is that file.

Hi Aman,

We have created a ticket for you and have sent a response over email.
Please check and let us know over the same email thread if you still face the issue.


Why I cannot export not more than 500 data in a single day as I already purchased the account. 

HI Jyoti,

This limit is set to ensure fair usage policy amongst all users, we shall try to have this improved in our later releases.

Please write to us at or create a ticket directly from this portal if you still face any issue.  


Hi ..I am pro user and I recently noticed  that the limit to export data is just 500 records per day.  Pro member ship is not useful with such a small limit. I have opened a ticket and for some reason I do not see that ticket under check ticket status option. 

Please let me know how this limit can be increased ? renewal of my pro subscription will largely  depend upon the export data limit. 

Thank you.

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Hi Amit,

We can see you raised a ticket on this issue to which a response has been sent over email, you can check your email inbox for the response and write back on the same for further discussion.

On the export limit, currently there is no other way to increase this limit on ad-hoc basis, however we are working on finding a solution for this altogether. We are looking for various alternatives on how we can increase the limit on case by case.

We will keep our users posted on the developments around this.


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