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Price forecast

Kindly provide price forecast for West coast paper mills.

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Hi rahul,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Yes, due to certain limitations on the coverage by our partnered data vendor, a few small-cap and mid-cap stocks are currently devoid of financial data. We are constantly working to have this challenge addressed and widen our range of coverage. 

This is a valid request and it will be addressed by the team shortly. We regret the hassle. 

We'll keep you posted in case of any updates around this. Please be rest assured.


Although my subscription is valid till 28 june 22 but since 25 May unable to see forecast of any stock.Correspondence so far has not solved my problem.How can I think of renewal after such treatment.God help me in making Tickertape more user friendly.

Hi Rajendra, 

We totally understand your concern here. We see that you have written to us over an email about the same concern to which we have responded to. 

Please write to us at if you have anything else to raise.   


I am paid one year membership fee but I can not see the price forecast

Hi Patil, 

Sorry about the delayed response here.

That should not be the case. Could you please write to us at with more details on this?


Forecast not working for any stock for the past many days.

Hi Kinpys, 

The forecasts are working perfectly fine at our end. Could you please try the following steps?

- Re-login.

- Clear app/browser cache

- Install the latest app version.

In case you still see wrong figures post this, please write to us at with screenshots. 


can ticker tap has any scanner feature which give me list of stocks which have larger forecasts?

Hi Varun, 

We do not have any screens, but you can use the percentage upside filter for the same.


Hi Anshiya

I am intrigued to read in few of the stocks e.g. Karur Vysha Bank, its 100 % recommendation.

Could you please elaborate on this?

A stock of INR 100 could become 200 next year?

I like TT App.

Thank You


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