Futures are standardized contracts on stocks and/or bonds, traded on exchanges. In Tickertape screener you will find data regarding future contracts for different stocks traded on NSE – National Stock Exchange.

Just as in stock prices, future contract prices are also determined by demand and supply pressures of market. If there are too many people buying the future contract of Reliance, its price will go up. Similarly, if there are too many traders selling the future contract of HDFC, its price will come down. This price will always remain close to the fair value which we determined above, but might vary depending upon the current market demand and supply. In our example of Sita and Noor, at 1.1 crore future contract price is different from the fair value price of Rs 1.03 crore.

The future close price that you see in Tickertape is the closing price of the current month future contract from the last day it got traded on the exchange. So if you are checking the future close price of the Reliance contract today, it will be the closing price of the contract yesterday (previous traded day).