Fund-management to transact on stocks & ETFs on Tickertape works the same way as it does for your broker.

Buying Stocks & ETFs

We don't maintain funds/pay-in balances for you. We integrate with your connected broker and use the ledger balance that you have with your broker to pay for the orders that you place on Tickertape.

Before any buy trade is placed, we check the availability of funds in your connected broker account and if enough funds are present, the order is placed. If not, you'll have to visit your broker's platform to add funds to your broking account ledger.

Selling Stocks & ETFs

You can only sell stocks & ETFs that you already hold (and which are not part of a smallcase) through Tickertape i.e. you can't undertake short-selling. On receiving a sell order, we check whether you have sufficient quantity of the stock held by you. If all is good, then a sell order is placed on your behalf. The proceeds of the sell order will be credited to your broker account ledger after the transaction is settled by the clearinghouse.

Under no circumstances can Tickertape withdraw funds from your broker account. Don't worry, it's all safe!