A screen is a collection of filters along with their corresponding ranges.

Let’s build a screen to understand it in more detail. For example, you want to select high-growth companies in the auto parts segment.

First, you need to select the sector. A drop-down list with top-level sectors will open if you click on the Sector filter. Here, you can see the number of sub-sectors inside every sector. A number 24 in front of Consumer Discretionary shows that there are 24 sub-sectors inside it. Here in the list, you can see the Auto Parts segment, and you can select the same by clicking on it. Once you have selected all the sectors, click on the left arrow button to close the sector filter

As soon as you select the sector, you would see that the total universe has come down to 72 stocks belonging to the Auto Parts segment from the stocks listed on NSE.

For example, to check for growth, you can add Hist Revenue Growth - 5Yr. This is the compounded annual growth rate for the last 5 years. For Checking overall fundamental strength, you can select the Fundamental Score filter available under Tickertape Special category.

Once you have added the filters, you need to specify the ranges for the same. You can directly pick the predefined High range in the Hist Revenue Growth - 5Yr filter and you would see that the list further comes down to just 3 stocks from 72.