Companies Disclose their Shareholding records every quarter. This pattern can be a vital metric for an investor to assimilate their investment decisions. Under the Shareholding pattern, there are 5 different holding percentages highlighted.

Understanding of different shareholder segments -

  • Total Promoter Holding: % of shares held by promoters of the company, some of it might be pledged (Indicated in yellow) 
  • Mutual Fund Holdings: Shares held by mutual fund companies (AMCs) 
  • Other Domestic Institutional Holding: This includes shares held by all domestic institutions except Mutual Funds. Insurance firms are significant DIIs, their shareholding is represented separately within this bar. Others include trusts, Indian VCs etc. 
  • Foreign Institutional Holding: This indicates the % of shares held by foreign investors. For example, Foreign Banks, Hedge funds etc. 
  • Retail and Other Parties: Contains shares held by retail investors and other remaining % shares mostly in NSDL transit etc. 

Data is updated quarterly.

Refer to the below image for a visual understanding of how a shareholding pattern is presented :