Finding the right stocks for your investment idea can be a challenge. For example - to find answers to these questions isn't trivial

  • Which stocks have more than 20% upside from the current prices?
  • What are some fundamentally strong companies in FMCG sector?
  • How can I invest in companies having clean balance sheets and a track record of stable earnings?
  • How do I find high growth companies in the auto ancillary segment?
  • Tell me some BUY rated stocks trading at a discount to sector PE/PS multiples?
  • What stocks are near their 52W high & are experiencing strong price momentum?
  • Which are the stocks where Mutual Funds and Banks are increasing their exposure?
  • Which stocks are expected to experience high earnings & cashflow growth next year?

Tickertape screener helps you query the stock universe with filters that are built for the above questions & more. For example, if you're looking to find stocks close to their 52W low, you can use the '% away from 52W low' filter and set the range to 'low'.

You can save filters & selected values to a screen to look up the current list of stocks that match the queries anytime.

If you can't find the filter of your choice, you can build a custom filter using the available data points.

Also, there are readymade screens that have filters saved to get you started - some of them being Low-Debt Midcaps, Monsoon Cheer, Near 52W Lows, etc.