Hey there, now that you’ve installed Tickertape, let’s take a quick tour of the app so you can get started with your investment journey.

1. Assets: Tickertape supports a range of assets and trading in them.

a. Asset Pages

Whether you are looking to analyse Stocks, Mutual Funds, ETFs or Indices, Tickertape has Asset Pages for each category. Each Asset Page features a handy investment checklist, a price chart, key metrics, financial statements, peers information and so on that help you gauge whether the security is a feasible investment. Read more about Asset Pages here.

b. Market Mood Index (MMI)

Use our index to investor sentiment and time your trades better. Built using 6 important factors: FII Activity, Volatility & Skew, Momentum, Market Breadth, Price Strength and Demand for Gold, the MMI has exhibited 93.75% accuracy. Read how to use MMI here. Understand how MMI is built here. Read how you can use MMI to time your investments better.

b. Transact Buy/Sell Orders via 12 brokers

Once you are done analysing and shortlisting investments on Tickertape, you can place buy-sell orders on Tickertape itself, without having to switch to your broker platform. This is possible because of our Basket and Transaction features. Simply connect and log in to Tickertape with your broker account and you are ready to trade. Read more about Basket and TransactionHere’s a list of brokers we have onboarded:

·      Zerodha

·      AxisDirect

·      5paise

·      HDFC Securities

·      Alice Blue

·      IIFL Securities

·      Kotak Securities

·      Trustline

·      Upstox

·      Angel Broking

2.  Tools: Tickertape offers smart tools to analyse your investments.

a.  Screener

Our sleek yet comprehensive Screener features 200+ filters to help you discover stocks based on your favourite metrics. What’s more? Tickertape also offers Pre-built Screens to help you discover Stocks and ETFs based on a theme or an idea. Read more about Pre-built screens hereLearn how to create a Screen here and save it here.

b.  Stock Deals

Stock Deals like Insider Trades and Bulk and Block Deals signify the big investors’ outlook of the company. Read more about them here. Check this article to learn how to analyse stock deals.

c.  Watchlist

Track both Stocks and Mutual Funds on Tickertape’s improved Watchlist featuring multiple entry points, bite-sized vital information about each security, and a facility to shortlist and trade your favourite Stocks/Mutual Funds. Read more about our improved Watchlist here.

3. Knowledge: Blog and Learn

Our comprehensive content properties: Blog by Tickertape and Learn will help you gain and update your knowledge about personal finance, stocks, current events, and the Indian economy.