Users who have redeemed Zerodha reward points against a Tickertape pro subscription receive a coupon code for the same by the end of that day (generally around 10 PM). There is no automatic up-gradation in this case, and instead, a coupon is sent to users on their registered email, which can be used to upgrade their Tickertape account within the expiry date. 

If you have redeemed your Zerodha reward points for Pro membership on Tickertape before 6 PM, you shall receive the coupon the same day. Points redemption after 6 PM is scheduled for sending the coupons the next day. Please wait till the end of the day to receive the coupon.

Additionally, refer to this article for more details on how redemption works.

If you see you have not received the coupons even after 24 hours of points redemption, please write to us at with your registered email, and the team will get back to you on this.