Zerodha users can redeem their reward points to take Pro membership on Tickertape. This is only available with 6 & 12 months Pro plans. Users can redeem their Zerodha reward points from their Kite console, where they have an option to redeem them for Tickertape pro membership plans. 

Once you redeem your Zerodha points from the Kite console for any Tickertape pro plan, you will receive a coupon for the same by the end of that day. You can now apply this coupon while checking out on the Tickertape pricing page as per your requirement.

A few points to remember -

  1. Coupons are sent at the end of the day once we receive points redemption confirmation from Zerodha.
  2. Coupons should be redeemed fully at once and can not be redeemed partially on any plan.
  3. Tickertape does not support plan extensions or overlaps, which means if you already have a pro plan running on a Tickertape account, you can not redeem Zerodha points until the current plan expires.

Visit this article on how to upgrade your account to Pro.

If you face any issues with your reward points redemption, please write to us at, and we'll help you with this.