Hey there, so you have tried your hands on Tickertape Basic and are now looking to upgrade to Tickertape Pro. That’s a good decision. With Pro membership, you can unlock smarter tools to step up your investment analysis.

Simply put, Tickertape Pro is the Premium version of our investment analysis platform. With this, you get access to smarter filters, offline data for further analysis, premium-only readymade screens, and the facility to save unlimited screens. Here’s a look at what Tickertape Pro has to offer.


1. Advanced screening

With its advanced screening tools, Tickertape Pro takes stock screening a notch higher. You can create unlimited custom universes, use over 200+ Pro filters, create unlimited custom filters, and access our curated Premium Screens.

Premium filters are exclusively available for Pro members. Some of these are No. of analysts with buy recommendation, Days Payable Outstanding, PE Premium vs Sub-sector, Insider Trades - 6M Cumulative, and Bulk Deals - 3M Cumulative.

Use our Premium Pre-Built Screens to discover stocks based on an idea or a theme that is in line with your investment objective. Some of them are Cash & Carry Candidates, Jamaican Sprinters, and Wealth Emissaries. Check out our Premium Pre-Built Screens here. Read more on Pre-Built Screens here.

2. Data export

Downloading data comes in handy when doing a detailed analysis of investments. With Tickertape Pro, you can export financials such as income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statements of companies, Screener results and historical MMI. In addition, you can also download the constituent stocks of Indices. Moreover, you can also export sector distributions of Mutual Funds offline and analyse how they have changed for your favourite schemes.

3. Investment insights

Analyse your desired stocks based on Pro-only parameters such as default probability, quality checks, and growth score to gauge its investment feasibility. While the default probability parameter tells whether your stock has a high likelihood to default, quality checks indicate management potential, financial strength, and other potential issues with the company. Finally, the growth score indicates whether the company can be a potentially profitable business.

4. Stock deals insights

Analyse the trends of Stock Deals such as Insider Trades and Bulk and Block deals that suggest the big investors’ outlook of a company. This information is available on the respective Stock Pages of the companies.

Alternatively, you can also access and filter a company's Stock Deals of the last 6 mth based on date ranges, party, category, and transaction type on our Stock Deals Page.

5. Stock forecasts

Forecasts about a Stock suggest its potential to perform and grow. With Tickertape Pro, you can unlock the price forecast, revenue forecast, and EPS forecast of your favourite Stock in the 'Forecasts' tab of the Stock Page. In addition, you can also see the analysts’ ratings of a Stock, that is the number of analysts that suggest you can buy it.

6. Key metrics

With Tickertape Pro, you can edit the key metrics tray with your favourite parameter. Click on the “Edit” icon and replace a key metric with one of the available parameters.

How to upgrade to Tickertape Pro?

·      Login to Tickertape

·      Click on the “Account” menu at the top right corner

·      Click “Become a member” from the dropdown

Pricing plans

Tickertape Pro is available in 3 membership plans:

  • 1 month 
  • 3 months
  • 12 months