If you have a Pro subscription on Tickertape and still see a "lock icon" on pro features, just check if you are logged in using the correct email address. To check this, follow the below steps -

On Web

Step 1 - Go to Settings from the top left sidebar.

Step 2 - On General settings, you will see the primary email as the email you have logged in from and below that you can see plan details. It will show you your current pro plan and it's expiry or renewal date.

If you don't see Plan details below the primary email, it means you have logged in using a different email address and your pro plan might be linked to some other email. Try logging out and then login using the correct email to access the Pro features.

On App

Step 1 - On bottom left section of app you will see account with "pro" highlighted on it, it indicates you are logged in using your Pro registered email.

If you don't see the "pro" icon it might be that you have logged in from a different account than your Pro enabled email address. To check the email you have logged in from, go to "Account" and on the top you will see the email address used to login.

If you see "Login" in place of "Account", it indicates you are not logged in to Tickertape, please login with your registered email or broker account.

On "Your membership" section you can see details of your current plan and it's expiry or renewal date.

You can write to us at support@tickertape.in if you still face any issue with your Pro subscription along with the details on transaction (date, time and mode of transaction).