Mutual funds have superior research capabilities and perform extensive company analysis before investing in them.

This data item is calculated as the sum of shares held by the entire universe of equity mutual funds divided by the total shares outstanding of the company. Increasing mutual fund holdings is considered good as it reflects that the fund managers are becoming more bullish about the stock. 

This table shows a list of mutual funds holding the selected stock, ranked based on market cap. The table has 4 data points for the given mutual funds, which are as follows - 

  • Market Cap Held - This is calculated as the stock value held in the portfolio divided by its market cap. It gives us what % of the stock’s market cap is held by the fund.
  • Portfolio Weight - This is the weight of the stock in the mutual fund's portfolio. It is shown as the percentage of the fund’s portfolio invested in the stock.
  • 3M Holding Change - This is the change in the weight of the stock in the fund’s portfolio over the last 3 months.
  • Portfolio Rank (3M change) - This is the change in the rank of the stock in the fund based on its weightage over the last 3 months.

This table only displays the top 5 mutual funds based on the market cap ranking. However, pro users can download all funds that hold the selected stock with all 4 data points.