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Market Cap info for stocks

Where can I see market cap info for stocks?

Hi Fahid,

It's available in the overview section of stock pages, just below the price chart.

Steps to see - Search for the stock >> check Overview section >> You'll see the market cap info below the price chart.


Why is there a difference in the "Market Cap" data on your portal vs BSE & Stock Edge ?

For example, Market cap of ONGC as per" BSE Website / Stock edge" on 07/09/2021 (DD/MM/YYYY) @ EOD price 119.95 /- is  150900.45 Cr. but as per your website " market cap is ₹1,53,039 cr."

Hi Gaurav,

The difference can be seen as the values shown in Tickertape are calculated using EOD values post market hours, this data is generally updated by 9:30 PM everyday. While some other platforms might be using live prices to calculate this.

As we can see it is showing the correct values as of now (150900.45 Cr) which is based on yesterday's close price.

Please write to us at if you need help with anything else.


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