Have a Pro Subscription but not able to see Pro features (Pro features being locked)

Pro membership is mapped against an email address/broker ID which should be used to login to Tickertape for accessing the Pro features.

Please check once if you are logged in using the registered email address/broker ID.

Users might get logged out of their account for inactivity over a long period of time. They simply need to login again to access the Pro features. If you are logging in directly from the stock or screener page, try refreshing the page (in web) or close the app and open again since the pages may not be in sync with login.

Users can login using either of the below methods -

  1. Login with Email
  2. Login with Broker account
  3. Login with Social accounts (Google or Facebook)

Please visit this article to check if you are logged in using the correct account in Tickertape.

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