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Few things

Why have you made it so difficult to suggest feature requests? Why do I have to sign in? Don't you want to learn from users?! Here's why I won't be using tickertape and instead use coin for mf - Easy filters to select direct funds by cagr and expense ratio - No forced view to separate mf and indices to compare same thing in different places Here's where coin needs to improve - Unlike tickertape they don't have sip returns checker (5yr cagr and sip returns are very different and selection of funds can change) (I wish tickertape allowed sorting and reporting sip returns for mf and indices in same list

I am happy to discuss with your pm or ceo for this.

Hi Vishal,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We have noted the following request submitted by you and have passed on the feedback to the relevant teams.

Tickertape is a young platform with multiple new features currently in progress to be included. Please stay tuned to know more.


Tickertape support

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