New RBI mandate affecting recurring payments (monthly subscriptions in Tickertape)

According to a new law passed by RBI in late March this year, all subscriptions that are yet to be authorised shall end on the 12th payment. This means a recurring payment (like our monthly subscription) can not run continuously for 12 successive payments and needs to be re-initiated.

The steps we have taken - As we are obliged to comply with the RBI mandates, we have to stop auto-renewal for subscriptions which have crossed the set limit of 11 payments in succession. While we are working with our payment gateway partner to figure out a way to resolve this at our end, users are expected to start a fresh subscription after their 11 payments.

Who are affected - If you had started a monthly subscription on Tickertape before July last year and was in continuation till last month, it might impact you as your subscription might not be auto-renewed this time. 

If you are charged for the monthly subscription but are not able to see the pro features on Tickertape please write to us at with your registered email/broker ID and we will surely help you out with this. Do not worry, if any payment is debited from you it is safe and can be refunded (or be used to upgrade your account manually).