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Increase the number of watchlists one can create

Could you guys increase the number of watchlists one can create, its currently restricted to only there, would be great if you could do it

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Using Ticket tape for almost a month now,,, honestly speaking  I do not find it worth to get a premium account.

1. Limited watchlist, only 3

2. Most of the stocks no sufficient data for forecast.

3. I cannot add more than 6 attributes on the stock detail page

4. Not many researched articles on  stocks or analysis.

5. Screen is good but still I do not find it so user friendly  

agreed its a small enterprise, but then please charge the customers when u are stable or atleast start with promotion amount, or less than the competitors please.

Sorry but not getting it next year

Kam daamo mein kuch aur mile toh koi yeh kyun le. 

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Hi Devvrat, 

We have taken your request and have created a ticket for you, a response addressing all your points has been sent to you. 

 Please write to us at if you have anything else to raise.   



 My renewal is coming, i feel like what features you provide is not worth for amount you are charging, even we cant able to see proper fundamentals display for stocks in the stock view, wishlist is restricted and it is also similar in free version, i thinking not renew until you are increase no of wishlist to premium users, i can see this request pending since 12 months, most people also request. Sadly , your team not did any upgrades on your solutions since 1 year.

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Hi Shyam, 

We truly understand your point of view here. About the watchlist - yes, we agree that this has been in the pipeline for quite sometime, but the implementation of such requests usually depends on various criteria, whether they fit into our vision for the product or not and a few more filters. Also, sometimes most common and frequent requests are prioritised over others.

That said, we are prioritizing this real soon and we cant wait to share it with each one of our users who have written to us regarding this. Do allow us some more time on this. 

About the proper fundamentals - could you please elaborate more on this and write us at to discuss?


Folks, this can't take 9+ months!

Are you serious about this request of increasing watchlists?

Because this is a key feature for anyone - and I am sure you don't want users going to a different platform for this feature alone

By now you should be able to at least give a timeline of when we can expect this

I am already out of tickertape. Try tradebrains, stock edge, far better platforms.

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Thanks - I tried them both now

I find tradebrains UI clunky - desktop UI. 

Stockedge seems definitely more feature rich - but their search ain't working unless one types the exact name of a fund.

I'm just surprised though, that that the top feature-request, which should be a simple piece of code, is taking 9 month+ with motherhood answers unfortunately.

Whomsoever It May Concern Hopefully

I don't think the feature the people requesting here majorly, is not rocket science, It should not have taken so much time to implement or take decision, better you take decision whatever asap and inform people. and if its does not fit your vision , then your service also wont fit with majority of people. 

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Inform your CTO that this feature will make or break your company. My child could have coded this in a day.

If this is not in your pipeline let us know so that we can choose a different service.

Hi Ashwin, 

We totally get your point here and we have been tracking these request/ concerns over a period of time. Unfortunately, this wasn't prioritised earlier due to other fixes and feature releases.

That said - we have some great news for you! 

You’ll be happy to know that this feature will be in our next release, please do keep an eye on our announcement section in the next few weeks. 

We'll notify you here as well. 


Hello folks, 

Totally agreeing with each one of you that this has taken longer than expected. Also, quickly clarifying that it wasn't about the ease, but rather prioritisation of other tasks and fixes on an org level owing to which this was delayed in the last few months. But happy to share this news that we are currently working on it this sprint -

This particular feature will be in our next release, please do keep an eye on our announcement section in the next few weeks :)

We'll notify you here as well. 


Hello folks, 

I'm excited to announce that a much-awaited feature enhancement is finally here - The number of equity watchlists has been increased to ten on tickertape. This update was rolled out yesterday and is available for all users across the platform. 


You can go ahead and check it out yourself. Don't forget to share your thoughts with us at


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