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Increase the number of watchlists one can create

Could you guys increase the number of watchlists one can create, its currently restricted to only there, would be great if you could do it

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Hi Kedar, 

Thanks so much for reaching out about this and sharing your perspective. While we currently don’t offer this feature, this is indeed a great one from a user's perspective. Truly appreciate you explaining how it would help you out. We have had other customers asking about this feature as well.

That said, we record every feedback and suggestion into our feature requests pipeline, and the concerned team goes through these requests periodically. However, the implementation of these requests depends on various criteria, whether they fit into our vision for the product or not and a few more filters. Also, sometimes most common and frequent requests are prioritised over others.

We have passed along your thoughts and needs to our product development team for now. Additionally, we have added you to the follow-up list, so as soon as we do have news regarding this feature, we’ll be sure to reach out. 



There is not a sufficient watchlist menu. now we can add only thee watchlist. please check and add more. 

Hi Jignesh, 

We agree with you on the same. For now, we are adding this to our feature requests list where it might be taken into consideration for our coming updates. 

Keep an eye out!


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