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How to find total debt of a company and income from interest

When using screener, I can see "Debt to Equity" ratio. If the ratio is zero does it mean company has no debt at all? And what does "blank" value mean? Where do I find something like "Debt-To-Income" or "Debt-To-Revenue" or just absolute debt of a company in Screener. Also where can I find total interest income of a company?


We have taken your request and have created a ticket for you, a response will be sent to you over email shortly. Please write to us at if you have anything else to raise.   


Mujhe achcha stock chahie achcha return de

Hi babaji, 

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As for the query you raised we will not be able to make a comment on this as we are not licensed as an advisory unit and licensing agreements prevent us from doing so. The consequences of breaching are too grave for us to take any chance.



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