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how to cancel 249 subsciption if not like

how to cancel 249 subsciption if not like

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Pls call me i want to talk with you
Pls cancel my subscription
How can i cancel my subscription. I want to not continue. So please cancel my subscription.
Is Tickertape willing to answer?
How can I cancel the monthly auto pay process? First I want to pay for one month and then if I find myself capable to learn f, then I will continue paying every month or year. Please confirm.
I want to cancel my monthly subscription of rs 249. What is the process

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You can pause auto-pay in your payment app

Kindly stop the monthly scription and confirm.

How to cancel subscription once autopay started?

How can I cancel my subscription
How to cancel 249 subscription
Call me
Want to stop my subscription..

Please  cancel  my 249 subscription  I don't need .urgent basis  Please unsbscribe.

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