What are peers and why should an investor compare against them? 

A stock's peers are the organisation's direct competitors who are operating within the same sector. Because companies in a peer share mutual business interests(industry, size, market share), it has been proven efficient to compare and analyse the trends among peers in a particular group. 

On Tickertape, we provide an in-depth comparison between the ratios of Valuation, Technical and forecast analysis. Along with this, users can now opt to compare the various stocks under the chosen sector and have an exclusive screener built using any one of the three parameters.

In the Above Image, Stock valuation of Tata Consultancy Services is compared against its peers in the Information Technology sector. 

Once you choose the following option -"Compare valuation on Screener", you will be redirected to the screener page which will present all the stocks that falls under the selected sector and compare them based on their valuation. 



This can further be saved according to the user's choice. 

Check out this article on how to create and save filter screens.