Stocks can be filtered using 5 filters i.e. Stocks, Date Range, Party, Category and Transaction Type. 

You can select all or any combination of these filters.

Stocks - You can select any number of stocks at once by typing the stock name and clicking on the tick-box.

Date Range - We currently have Bulk, Block deals and Insider trades data from 2012. You can select any date range within this timeframe and can view the data accordingly

Party - This filter allows you to search for particular Transacting Parties by investor / investing firm's name and filter trades accordingly. You can know which stocks the smart money is trading in.

Category - There are 3 main categories Insider, Bulk and Block deals. Insider deals are further categorised into multiple categories as Promoter, Director, Employee etc.

Transaction Type - Stocks can also be filtered based on transaction types Buy or Sell.

For Example -  Let's try filtering Reliance Industries in the stocks filter 

1. Select "Reliance Industries Ltd" in the stocks filter

2 . In the Date Range select "Last 1 Week" 

3. In Category, select "Insider - Promoter Group"

4. In Transaction type, Select "Buy"

You can also select any party by searching the name directly in the Party filter. For example, try searching Mukesh Ambani with the same Stock and Date filter as before.