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Paid extra export

Hello team tickertape. You guys must provide more number of exports per day or you should add option of paid extra export,where I can download more data every data by paying small amount . 500 *48 is not enough for me now.

Hi Ashutosh,

This limit is set to ensure fair usage policy amongst all users, and as of now there is no such policy where users can get an add-on to this by paying anything extra. However we have taken a note of this and have added this to our feature requests list where it might be taken into consideration fro future releases.


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Only for two more features I have to use one more stock listing and screening app . 1 delivery data ,2 more export of data . I can manage number 2 featur . But delivery data is very important . Please provide it ASAP .

Hi Ashutosh,

Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback, we have noted down your requests and have added them into our feature requests list.

Stay tuned for updates.


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same problem when ur doing analysis, you need downloads to validate your output, pls increase the number of downloads

Hi Kamal,

We have passed down the feedback to the concerned team, they are working on a way to solve this for users.

We will keep you posted on updates around it.


Too slow .
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