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Increase the number of watchlists one can create

Could you guys increase the number of watchlists one can create, its currently restricted to only there, would be great if you could do it

Hi Prashanth,

Tickertape is still a young platform - we are working constantly behind the scenes to ensure that users get the best features on Tickertape. We truly are thankful for insightful and involved users such as yourself and value your feedback immensely. We have added this into our feature requests list where it might be taken into consideration for our coming updates.

Please write to us at or create a ticket directly from this portal if you still face any issue.



Just curious. Will this not be a small code change that may take less than few days to ship?

Warm regards,


Hi Kedar,

We take user feedbacks with utmost importance and really appreciate the suggestions for improvements/additions in our product. We do record every feedback and suggestion into our feature requests pipeline, and the concerned team goes through these requests periodically.
However, the implementation of these requests depends on various criteria, whether they fit into our vision for the product or not and a few more filters. Also, sometimes most common and frequent requests are prioritised over others.

Hope this answers your question.


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