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Intrinsic value and overbought zone

I am confusing seeing on ticker tape in many stock detail that intrinsic value is showing red and overbought zone is green. How can it possible. If stock's price is more than intrinsic value it should be automatically in overbought zone. So, both should be red. Pls give suggestion

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Hi Dharmesh,

Instrinsic value is more of a fundamental metric that values a stock based on its financials and some other factors. Whereas overbought/ oversold zone is based on 14D RSI (i.e. signalling short term trend). Hence a stock can be overbought in the short term but still can be undervalued compared to it's intrinsic value in the long term.

Hope this answers your question.

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I am having a PRO membership & being member why I am asked to connect through email and request for link, why can't I use the App directly. Last 1 year I was using it directly. However after renewal in the last week I am facing this problem. I hope it should be user friendly.

Hi Pandurang,

Tickertape Pro membership is mapped against an email address/broker ID which should be used to login to Tickertape for accessing Pro features. Please check once if you are logged in using the registered email address/broker ID.

Please visit this article on how to check if you have Pro enabled on your registered email.

You might get logged out of your account while making the payment for a pro plan or for inactivity over a long period of time. You simply need to login again to access the Pro features.

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