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Tickertape Special Filters

1) Earnings Quality Rank

2) Value Momentum Rank

3) Fundamental Score

The above 3 screener filters can be little confusing.

All 3 are connected to future profitability / earnings / performance / fundamentals.

Often one score is very high while another is very low. This often gets confusingĀ  and is hard to make a buy/sell decision.

Are there some more tips relating to these filters?

I'm aware of the existing writeup on "Tickertape Special" filters but they need further explanation.

My ticket tape pro is not worked in my Zerodha kite app.

Hi Senthil,

We have taken your request and have created a ticket for you, a response will be sent to you over email shortly.
Please write to us at if you have anything else to raise.


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