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Pro membership Transfer

Dear Sir/Madam, I have subscribed pro membership on this account, but I wanted to transfer the membership to another Gmail account. Is it possible to transfer my pro membership from this account to another. Please confirm and do need full. Thanks and regards Vigneshsarathy

I have subscribed with pro for 3 months but cannot see the pro features from today .

Hi Vignesh,

We have created a ticket for you and have sent a response over email.
Please check and let us know over the same email thread if you still face the issue.

Please write to us at if you have anything else to raise.


Hi Nabarun,

We can see you have a Tickertape Pro account from this email which is active and running.
Can you check if you are logged in using your registered email?
For login, once you type in your email in login box you are sent a login link in your registered email. Clicking on this link will log you into your account.

Please write to us at if you still face any issue.


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