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Is there any provision for uploading PDF from CDSL/CAMS or holdings are to be fed individually?

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Need the ability to add multiple demat account or at least import from eCAS. Otherwise, this becomes little less informative for me. 

I am looking for importing my sharekhan portfolio here however broker is not listed.

is there any manual import possible using CSDL or NSDL statement ?

In my portfolio list one stock is missing.

I have my accounted connected to Groww for fetching my holdings, however I also have another account with Dhan. Please add an option to link more than 1 broker for portfolio analysis.

Now, I m not able refresh, it is showing error "something went wrong" ? Why it is not happening.

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Is this feature live now?

Mutual fund holdings on different platforms earlier it was getting refresh data, Now, I m not able refresh, it is showing error "something went wrong" ? Why it is not happening. Such cool feature not working
Portfolio value in tickertape is higher than actual invested value

Hi Raghavendra, 

We understand your point here. That said, we do not have any ETA on the same. 

Currently bumping up these feature requests with the concerned team to check on an ETA. 

We'll surely keep you posted in case of any updates.


Is there any update on this?  It would be nice to have import feature for portfolios, e.g., import from an Excel file or a .cvs file. I trade with brokers other than the ones that ticker-tape can connect (Sharekhan and Samco).  Entering the whole portfolio manually is a painful process.  Competing services such as trendline allow this.  My  premium membership in tickertape  is practically useless because of this.

Hi Ravindra, 

Yes! Its a feature that we definitely want to develop in the near future. We'll surely keep you posted in case of any updates.


Looking forward for additional provisions of adding more than one Demat account for the individual portfolio. Hope you will sort it out soon..

Thanks for reaching out to us.

The only way holdings can be fetched currently, is by connecting a broker account on tickertape, Daita. There is no other way where we can individually upload holdings onto the platform. 

​Hope this helps. 


Great to have your response... Happy to know that you will explore additional features....

Hi Daita,

The answers to your questions in respective order are as follows-

1. Currently only one broker can be connected with one Tickertape account at a time, therefor importing holdings from another broker is not possible at current stage. We are considering this as a feature request and have added this into our feature requests list.

2. As of now only stocks (except BSE only) and smallcases can be imported into Tickertape portfolio, we are working towards adding more options such Mutual funds, BSE only stocks in our future releases.

3. If you mean "Notification Alerts" by this, it's not available currently but it definitely seems like an interesting add-on for us, we have added this into our features requests list where it can be considered for future releases.

Please write to us at if you face any issues.


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