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MMI on chart

Dear sir I suggest MMI should available in graph so any one can judge market Mood easily. Example: If MMI available on graph, Suppose MMI on yesterday was 41.10 on closing, Now, today MMI is rise from 42 to 43.5 and decreased up to 40 and again it crossed 43.5 than, I have to create new position in bull side. But as of now MMI graph not available so, how can I know highest value of MMI. How can I judge trend reversal. Maheshbhai Patel

Hi Maheshgsecl,

Thanks for reaching out to us. That's a wonderful suggestion. We are adding this to our feature requests list where it might be taken into consideration for our coming updates. 

That said, Tickertape is still a young platform - we are working constantly behind the scenes to ensure that users get the best features on Tickertape. Stay tuned to check out more features and updates. 
Do let us know if you need help with anything else.
Regards, Tickertape


"subscribed yesterday: Noticed that F&G Index was 13.6 levels. Today changed & notice that yesterday's data has been deleted . Why ?"

Hi Vijay, 

That is highly unusual. Please allow us sometime to check this and get back to you with more details. 


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