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MMI feature can be Extended to 'Sectorial Indices' and 'Broad Market Indices' too

I am a 'Technical Analyst' but after seeing your site got interested and motivated to 'Fundamental Analysis' too.

Been browsing many options in your site and was amazed with the MMI feature that shows the 'NSE Nifty 50' market index as 'Extreme Fear' and 'Extreme Greed'.

This feature helps me to select stocks from Nifty 50 constituents that could be profitable to me in the future; short-term or long-term as the case may be.

At that moment a wild thought came to my mind why this feature of MMI not available to the Nifty 'Sectorial Indices' and 'Broad Market Indices' too.

I suggest to please include the above Indices into the MMI feature that could be very helpful for your users and investors to make better stock selection from the Indices constutients.

I keep my fingures crossed if this feature would be incoorporated.

Attaching the .jpg files about the Indices information.




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Hi Satyen,

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to write to us and sharing your perspective. While we currently don’t offer this feature, this is indeed a great one from a user's perspective. Truly appreciate you explaining how it would help you out. 

We have now passed your thoughts and needs to our product development team. Additionally, we have added you to the follow-up list, so as soon as we have news regarding this feature, we’ll be sure to reach out. 

Thank you for attaching the detailed information on indices. Super helpful in taking this forward

Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions or feedback.

Have a great day :)


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