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Intrinsic Value

Please provide intrinsic value. Of course it may be a subjective calculation for everyone but it would be great if you have provided a fair value using any of the methods available. Also it will be beneficial for users to compare and study. Thanks!

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Hi Nikhil,

Thanks for reaching out to us. The intrinsic value of a stock can be calculated differently by different users, according to their investment needs and their valuation. This is the reason why Tickertape does not show Intrinsic value as such, we display a percentile ranking of the scrip in comparison with other scrips. However, for now, we are considering this as a feature request and try to include them in our later releases.
Additionally, the method used to calculate is the market approach where we do a top-down analysis - starting with the sectoral figures and then comparing the stock with its peers as well using the discounted cashflow method.
Let us know if you need any further assistance.

Thanks for your response. Adding to that. at present the section 'Intrinsic value' is  bit confusing as it points just to  'more than' or 'less than'. Adding some numbers would definitely help users to do a more thorough analysis. 



Hi Nikhil, 

Thank you for the suggestion. 

As for the numbers, as mentioned earlier, since different users calculate this value in different methods, we do not show any numbers. That said, we understand how this can help from an investor/user's perspective. I'm forwarding this feedback to the concerned team to take a further look into. 

We'll notify you in case of any updates around this. Please be rest assured.


Hi, I m a Value Invester. I always work out Intrinsic Value of Company/Stock before investing in it, using Discounted Cash Flow method. It takes a lot of time to do the analysis. So, it will be great if you guys are going to provide this feature on Tickertape app, also please try to provide it in DCF method itself. It will be a great addition. Looking forward to it. Thanking You! Jay.

Hi Jay, 

That's a great suggestion. We are forwarding this to the concerned team to take a look at.

We'll notify you in case of any updates around the same.