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Paytm Portfolio not available

I have a demat account on paytm money but there is no way of connecting my paytm money account to this application for seeing my portfolio .

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Is there any time line for when PayTm Money portfolio would be available?
How can I connect PayTm is there a way to do it.
PayTm Money not available in this app yet.
Hi Abhay,

Thank you for reaching out to us.
Yes, this broker isn't available on our platform yet.  That said, It just so happened that the broker you requested is already on our roadmap, Integrations with them are underway but have not yet been completed. It should be added to our toolset in coming cycle.
We will definitely keep you updated when it's available. For now, you can link any of the available brokers or use the platform without it, it's not mandated to link a broker.  
In the meantime, do let us know if is there anything else we can do for you? 


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