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Intrusive and Incomplete Login Process

Tickertape Team

I subscribed to the Pro version as your platform is very impressive. But the login process is frustrating. A few observations:


1. Session invalidates several times during the day.

2. Based on above, need to often validate via phone OTP.


1. Login using only phone number is highly restrictive. 

2. Email validation is important, especially when Users are overseas or unable to access the phone.


The above is both an issue and a request to upgrade as a feature. Please do consider the same if not already done so. 



Hi A.,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Could you please try again and let us know if you are facing the same issue? We are rolling out email logins back and you will be able to log in.


Hi, Appreciate your quick resolution. The session is stable since the past 24hrs. Regards, Abhilash

I have a similar problem. The mobile login is very unstable and keeps getting logged-out. I have logged in about 15 times today. 

Issue appears every few hours, seemingly randomly. I did notice the issue happen once when I navigated to the sub-domain, Stock Screener.

In my opinion, navigating to a sub-domain might be creating a session conflict. 

Please investigate. 

(68.7 KB)

Tickertape team,

This issue is now occurring frequently. I was logged out twice in less than an hour today. 

Browser details: 

Microsoft Edge Version 118.0.2088.76 (Official build) (64-bit)

Please investigate on priority.

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