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Amount deducted but reflecting

Hi paid for 1 month but reflecting
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Hi Aesha,

We can see that the payment was sent to Apple services which means that funds are added to your Apple funds. Now you should use the funds to take the subscription, Aman.


Hi Aesha,

Based on my analysis of the screenshot you provided, it seems that the payment you made was directed towards Apple Services. This indicates that the funds you paid have been added to your wallet. 

To proceed with the subscription, please open the relevant app and look for the monthly subscription option. Once you select this option, the payment will be processed automatically by Apple's payment services. This is because Razorpay, the payment service provider, is unable to store payment records for the iOS ecosystem due to the restrictions imposed by Apple on third-party payment services. 

So, you can rest assured that the payment process is secure and reliable, as it is being handled by Apple's payment system. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to let me know.


Hi Aesha,

Kindly check your Apple funds to check for existing funds or if this is used for any other subscription. You can also Apple support with the details for the transaction detail since Razorpay does not hold records of payments for the iOS ecosystem as Apple prevents third-party payment services but rather employs Apple payment services to capture payments. 


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