While subscribing to Tickertape PRO - i.e., if you see that the money has been deducted from your bank account, but your subscription hasn't been activated yet, this is most likely due to one of the following three reasons - 

1) Log out - There are high chances that you might get logged out after switching from a Basic to a Pro account. You need to log in with the correct email ID to see the changes. 

Pic 1 - On General settings, you will see the primary email as the email you have logged in from, and below that, you can see plan details. It will show you your current pro plan and its expiry or renewal date.

2) Incorrect email ID/ account - You can be logged in with another account/ email with a basic account. Please check if you are logged in using the correct email address. Visit this article to check if you are logged in using your registered email.

 Pic 2 - To check the email you have logged in from, go to "Account settings" and on the top, you will see the email address used to log in.

3) Payment not captured- This is highly unlikely. Please note the following points -

i) Kite Funds - When paid via kite funds, you will be upgraded immediately, but the funds are processed in the evening. In case you have insufficient funds, you will be downgraded. 

If you have been charged and have yet not been upgraded to PRO post 7:00 PM, please write to us at support@tickertape.in.

ii) Razorpay - In case of any failed payments via Razorpay, the debited amount will be auto-credited by the bank in the next 5-7 working days.

Additionally, please note - If you have redeemed Zerodha reward points to take a Pro membership in Tickertape, the account will be upgraded at the end of the day. Please visit this article for more information on Zerodha points redemption