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Would really like to know if there is a method to create alerts on stock prices. There are certain levels at which I would like to enter the stocks at and I usually don't want to track them daily. Is there a way to do so?

If not, maybe we should have it.



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+1 It would be super useful to have alerts for MMI as well. I'd like to get notified when the mood is extreme fear or greed. Any ETA?

Hi Athi, 

Agreed that this feature would be super helpful. We have passed this on the team and added you to the follow-up list, so as soon as we do have news regarding this feature, I/we’ll be sure to reach out. 

Currently, there is no ETA on the same.


Can we also add the technical based alert feature as well ? Since other platforms are providing this feature, so you should also provide this to your pro users atlease if not to eveyone.

Hi Munna, 

Sure. That's a great suggestion. Im adding this one to the feature request list for now. In case of any news around this, i'll be sure to reach out. 


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