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I sold gold value of 960 but didn't receive amount in my account..

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I sell gold but didn't receive amount in my bank account, any help.. seriously its frustrating..very bad app ..

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Did you get the amount .. how many days it took
I sold gold valve of 9903 but money not credited to my bank account
Did anyone get the amount on their account back yet?
I sold it yesterday and haven't received the money yet.
I sold it yesterday I.e. 17.05.24. No updates and somehow that 300 Rs worth of bonus gold is vanished.
Any updates about money transfer
Daily gold sip has some server issues from last 3 days please resolve the issue

I haven't recieved the amount either . Sold on 7th June 2024 and today is 11th Jun. Looking at this thread it seems its a scam ?! Better raise complaint in consumer court.

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