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Multiple Broker Accounts

Need to have the option to connect more than one broker account

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Im waiting for this feature. Please add me to the followup group. If this feature is in, im sure lot more people will signup. Hope you know people will have multiple account is very common.

Hi Jey, 

Sure, we have added you to the follow-up list. In case, there is any news around, we'll be sure to update you.

That said, we do understand how important of a feature this is from a user's perspective and have bumped up the feature request list to take this up on priority.


Ability to add multiple broker accounts Pl. Any timelines for this?

Hi Nageswararao, 

We currently do not have any ETA on this. However, our team is working on having this feature included in the platform shortly.


We'll update you as soon as it's available.



I have subscribed to Tickertape today but unfortunately I can add up only one broker account in my portfolio. I have three family accounts with two brokers, so I need to add all up. The complete monitoring of the portfolio can be easier then. 

Please give me access to add three accounts in my Portfolio.

With best regards,


Hi Dibyendu, 

We totally get your concern. That said, currently, you can only connect one broker to your account on tickertape. We have had other customers asking about this feature as well. 

We have passed along your thoughts and needs to our product development team for now. Additionally, we have added you to the follow-up list, so as soon as we do have news regarding this feature, we’ll be sure to reach out. 


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