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Multiple Broker Accounts

Need to have the option to connect more than one broker account

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Is this feature ever going to be supported? This thread is already 2 years old. Unfortunately, I have already paid for 1 year subscription fee. Not having this feature is really a deal breaker. 

Any ETA on this feature?

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I will get a paid subscription, only when this feature is available.

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The ability to view multiple DMAT accounts under one will be a wonderfull one. Please onboard other brokers as well, like Yes securities, hdfc, angel etc..

Need option to add multiple brokers.

is this feature in the roadmap? Would be really helpful, if you could provide us with ETA. 

This feature request has been pending for 2 years now. With so ma y users asking for it how is it that you are not able to prioritize such a simple feature.

I am  a paid subscription and this is a much needed feature. 

Can someone please provide an ETA here? It is been pending since 2 years.

When can we start adding multiple broker accounts ??
Yes. If I can add multiple broker account. Then only I will pay for subscription.

Want multiple broker facility in the the platform. It is really useful. Please try to activate this facility .

Two years back your comment says, that "TickerTape is still a  young platform". Has time stopped for you guys when it comes to feature requests. All you have done is given template responses for all Feature request whether this one or alerts requirement, HDFC Securities broker support and who knows what else is there. Similar responses can be observed on PlayStore but seems pretty clear no action has yet been taken.

Hoping you won't reply saying these features will take this much time for implementation.

All. Consider using Trendlyne app for I am importing portfolio and analysing it
Waiting for the feature
Do we have an ETA here? I guess something like this should be top priority
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