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Multiple Broker Accounts

Need to have the option to connect more than one broker account

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Any updates on this yet? 

please use trendlyne app instead of waiting for more than year for this feature. 

Appreciate if you could add this feature !

When will this feature be added? It has been 3 years. This seems like a very basic feature which will increase your subscribers. Not having this feature is a deal breaker. And I would rather not use this if you can't collate data from multiple sources. If I just want to look at a single account I would directly look at the app I am using to invest.

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Its very disappointing to see that an essential feature requested 3 years ago has not been implemented yet on ticker.

I purchased a pro account to analyse my stocks both on upstox and zerodha but i am disappointed to find i can only connect one account.

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Someone suggested here, I am reviewing it, I can see that it does allow multiple brokers. That is a plus right away!

@Krishna Prasad, yes I am using free version of trendlyne and pro version of tickertape, and I dont see any value in tickertape account, its portfolio forecast is also not remotely accurate. I find trendlyne more useful.

I have 4 Demat accounts including me and my family and there is no option to support multi account feature. Installed today hence uninstalling today.

Please take this on priority as I have already taken your paid plan but not having this feature.

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